Different Styles of Logo Water Fountains

Logo water fountains can come in many different styles, sizes, colors and designs. The logo is usually added at the end of the process, so it makes complete sense to choose your type of fountain first, to make sure it matches up well with your logo and the style of your business. Rest assured that there are many different styles which will go well with any business, but even if you are unable to find something that is good for you, then you will always have the option of having a custom logo fountain created just for your unique needs.

Simple logo water fountains for your wall

One of the simplest types of logo fountains that you can have installed for your business are the ones with two panels holding together a vertical glass tank. You hang this on your wall with access to municipal water in the back.

Alternatively, there are models which use their own water supply and tank. Regardless of which type you pick, this simplest style of water fountain is the most easily customizable and can generally be put in any type of office or building for a great addition to the atmosphere you are trying to create.

Wall logo water fountains

An alternative to the logo water fountains you hang on the wall are the type which are typically the same height as a door or wall and which are basically used to create a very special partition between two areas of a larger room. A good example of this in action is in a bank where you want to have privacy when dealing with your customers, but still create an open environment that is very relaxing to work in and be a client in.

These are fountains which are basically asking to have your logo imprinted on them to remind people that they are in your bank or building.

Logo water fountains as complements to other features of your home or office

If you're looking for a good complement to many features in your home and office, then logo fountains make a great choice. You can hang your water fountain above your fireplace, for instance, to create a very unique "fire and water" perspective in your living room or sitting room. This can also be a great idea in a public place like a restaurant or a cafe where you want to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for patrons.

Article Source: Loren M Taylor

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