What Do Running a Decorative Glass Business and American Idol Have in Common?

Since American Idol hit the small screen, I have been an off and on fan. The pressures the contestants face as they battle it out week after week under the spotlight make me sympathize with them as it is like running a business. My favorite idols include the very first Idol, the amazing Kelly Clarkson, and then, Carrie Underwood, both of whom display a clear-cut individuality and won the crown as a result. However, what about my Idol favorites who did not win; contestants like Chris Daughtry, Elliot Yamin, David Archuleta, and Adam Lambert; but who have gone on and achieved sizable success nevertheless?

What makes these guys stand out for me is that they all used the stage to establish themselves as a memorable brand. They consistently projected their personality, never compromising on their individuality, or self-image.

In all my 27 years in the decorative glass business there were many times I did not make it to the winner's podium either but like Daughtry and the others who have achieved big success, I realized the power of being unique and outstanding to achieve our goals, be it in a singing competition or in the business arena.

In the beginning, I had little knowledge of the decorative glass industry. I learned what I needed, and I applied it and through practice I got better at my craft. This is a process driven by time and pressure of customer demand. Sometimes I had to change and adapt really fast. This process is clearly seen in the American Idol contest. In the beginning the contestants are raw, some gawky, and mostly unpolished. By the end of the show there is a marked change for the better. Each week they learn, they apply and they practice and hopefully they stick around long enough to demonstrate their growth.

This simple four step formula has become my modus operandi in everything I set out to do, whether it is in business or in my personal life. I share this with licensees who come to me to learn how to print on glass as I do with my kids who are all three university students:

Learn with passion because learning is a life-long activity; it keeps us alert and relevant.

Apply your learning. Make use of it, make it work. Experience the results, the fruits. Taste them.

Practice with discipline makes perfect. Repetition and reinforcement makes us an expert in our chosen field.

Innovate with creativity to stay ahead; the ability to be fresh and creative comes from playing around with what you know the best.

Article Source: Ashley J John

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