Ventless Fireplaces for Your Restaurant

If you are in the hospitality business and own a hotel with a restaurant, a diner or any other public catering place, then you might want to consider ventless fireplaces in your buildings. They are often a great alternative to traditional fireplaces because they do not really require any special maintenance. Even if you can't get a permit from the fire department for a traditional fireplace, you can get around this by using a safe and efficient ventless fireplace instead.

These fireplaces can be installed just about anywhere and as an appliance, all they need is a wall outlet and the refills to keep them burning.

What's the difference between ventless fireplaces and traditional ones?

The main difference between the two types is the source of fuel. Traditional fireplaces burn wood to produce heat and light while ventless fireplaces use electricity and a gas or a gel which can easily be refilled. These fireplaces also produce no smoke at all and can be installed anywhere in the building.

What is the purpose of a ventless fireplace?

If a building already has multiple sources of heating which are reliable, then there may not be a need to have a traditional fireplace at all. In fact, unless the insulation in the building is very good, traditional fireplaces are not even that great at heating and also take longer to warm the whole building up. This is why ventless fireplaces are often used as sources of ambience and light rather than for heat.

These fireplaces can be used to create that special atmosphere that is created with traditional fireplaces, but in a safe setting that does not involve the risks associated with chimneys. They are also safer than traditional fireplaces as it is very unlikely, if not impossible, that a home would be in danger of a fire from a ventless fireplace, whereas with traditional ones it's easy for sparks to cause problems with carpets and furniture.

Vent free fireplaces can be installed anywhere

Because these fireplaces don't create much heat and are only used for the ambience, they work well in restaurants as you can set up a few of them around the rooms vhere you want them. Another problem with traditional fireplaces is that they are often too hot to sit right next to and you end up with a lot of wasted space in your restaurant or building, but with a range of ventless gel fireplaces placed around the room anyone can sit comfortably anywhere.

Article Source: Loren M Taylor

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